What Do We Offer

Our stores provide a relaxed and inviting atmosphere appealing to both avid vapers as well as curious first-timers. Store owners gain access to the largest wholesale distribution centers in the USA.

Market Appearance

Madvapes retail locations are designed to be modern looking, clean and with a comfortable setting for new and existing customers.

Qualified Personnel

Product and employee training and corporate communications are uniquely designed to fit each franchise location that best fits their needs.

Wholesale Inventory

Supported by the industry’s largest inventory of mods and e-liquids, franchise owners can place orders 24/7 to replenish fast moving products.

Franchising Opportunities Available For Single & Multi Store Locations

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Why A Madvapes Franchise?

Explore the opportunities and financial potential from owning a franchise.

Our stores provide a relaxed and inviting atmosphere appeals to both avid vapers as well as curious first-timers. Store owners gain access to one of the largest wholesale distribution centers in the USA. The True Experts in Electronic CigarettesOur mod manufacturing center delivers some of the most creative, advanced and personal units available in the market today. Madvapes e-liquids are manufactured in North Carolina so you can be proud to offer all natural products made in the USA.

Growing Marketplace

Early entry to market with few competitors

Large Population

Current & Previous Tobacco Smokers

Alternative Customers

Vaping enthusiasts

Sales Growth

Estimates to exceed $50 Billion by 2025


Social and Technology Driven Industry


Expected Meaningful Federal Regulations


Unique Brand Position

Vaping is Rapidly Gaining in PopularityVaping is rapidly gaining in popularity, so we created Madvapes stores to be an ideal destination for the first-time buyer. In addition to entry-level starter kits, Madvapes stores carry high-end hardware that vaping enthusiasts are looking for. The Madvapes staff is fully trained at the corporate store to answer any questions about vaping products – including a wide variety of hardware and juices. The Madvapes staff is also trained on how to help customers select the right products for their personal preferences. Customers have come to trust the Madvapes brand because our stores carry only the finest selection of hardware and juices at various price points that meet any budget. Customers Have Come to Trust the Madvapes BrandMarketing your Madvapes store is easier than you think. As you may know, much of the marketing you will do is online. Our marketing department will provide you with print and radio marketing materials, as well as support your online and social media marketing.

Low Investment Ownership

Launching a business can be a costly venture. Mistakes in planning and operations can end up costing quite a bit or even causing the business to fail. Our Turnkey Franchisee Program Will Provide You With Everything You NeedA Madvapes store comes with a tried and proven road map that has led many business owners to success. Our turnkey franchisee program will provide you with everything you need to launch, grow and sustain your business.

Customer Loyalty and Frequency

Madvapes stores are continually having new customers visiting to get started with “vaping”. We understand that customers are going to walk in with lots of questions and we have trained our staff to be highly knowledgeable and to offer first class customer service. Highly Knowledgeable Staff Offering First-Class Customer ServiceOur staff is trained to build relationships with the customer so that they become consistent visitors to the store. To help foster these relationships we have regular “Vape Meets” at our locations, and special events at off site locations. This keeps our name in the minds of our customers and helps encourage them to be a part of the vaping community.

Low Operating Costs

Our locations are typically located in areas with affordable rents. The staffing expense is quite reasonable based on the operating model. Securing the Right Location to Provide High Visibility for Your CustomersModerate advertising and marketing expenses are required to launch the business effectively, but keep in mind that many of our customers are actively seeking a vaping supply location. We help you secure the right location, that will provide you with the visibility and access you need to grow your business without heavy advertising costs.

Operational Efficiencies

Madvapes has carefully reviewed each and every process within our stores to create efficiencies and reduce unnecessary costs. Our Operations Manual Provides You with Information for Every Aspect of the BusinessOur comprehensive operations manual provides every store owner with instructions for every aspect of the business. Our focus has been to minimize expenses, increase output and create the highest level of customer satisfaction. You’ll learn everything including product ordering, to marketing to mixing vapor juice at different nicotine levels into hundreds of flavors. Sounds complicated, but we make it easy.

Reasonable Inventory Investment

What’s great about Madvapes is you will not have a big investment in inventory compared to other retail businesses. Our Startup Package Includes a Full Inventory of ProductsOur startup package includes full inventory of products, e-juices and our proprietary state of the art juice-dispensing system. We’ll also work with you to help you understand what products are the most popular and what quantities you will need to have on-hand. And with our US based distribution center we will deliver your inventory quickly and as needed.

Comprehensive Training and Launch

Madvapes Provides Professional Training to You and Your StaffMadvapes provides professional training to you and your staff on all aspects of the business. Our team offers real hands on experience with detailed product information and instruction on how to operate every aspect of your Madvapes store. In addition, our team will be at your new store to make sure that the store meets standards and you and your team are ready for business on day one.

Ongoing Support

One of the biggest advantages of joining Madvapes is the commitment we have to our franchisee partners for the life of the business. Madvapes Leverages the Combined Success and Experiences of our Whole NetworkUnlike independent operators that have no benchmarks and data, Madvapes leverages the combined success and experiences of our whole network to improve individual store performance. As we grow across the country, our support team will continue to grow with experienced professionals that can assist you in every aspect of the business to include: operations, purchasing, staffing, accounting, marketing and more.

Value Added Services

  • In-house legal counsel to help in guidance through the FDA regulatory processes
  • Marketing support with social media, SEO, and point of sale material
  • Unified POS system to deliver unit level economics to identify trends, opportunities, and improve operational efficiencies
  • Help desk support
  • Digital ordering guides to ensure greater returns
  • Initial training prior to opening and on-going training and support
  • Third party partnerships with distributors and manufacturers
  • Preferred wholesale pricing
  • Authorized Smoktech Warranty Center
  • Proprietary eLiquid bar with over 100 flavors, and exclusive pre-bottled eLiquids

Be a Part of The Fast-Moving Industry and Become an Owner Today

Corporate Office Address:
130 Oak Park Dr.
Suite A
Mooresville, NC 28115

Phone numbers:
(704) 624-8551


We are open:
Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM


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Explore the opportunities and financial potential from owning a franchise.

130 Oak Park Dr.
Suite A
Mooresville, NC 28115
(704) 624-8551


Franchisee Application